Is procrastination the number one enemy of lawyers?

December 30, 2020

Is procrastination the number 1 enemy of lawyers?
Procrastination is the tendency of people to delay takings actions on tasks to be accomplished. I believe that procrastination is one of the top enemies of attorneys. As attorneys, we are expected to do a lot of tasks. We have briefs to submit, clients to meet, family and social responsibilities. We also have clients’ expectations and professional responsibilities as officers of courts. Because of the volume of work we handle, we may be tempted at times to delay acting on certain things. We may say “I will do this research tomorrow, this weekend or next week.” We may tend to procrastinate on calling clients or witnesses. Any one can be a victim of procrastination. However, as attorneys we need to control our urge to procrastinate. We should write that brief as soon as possible, call that client today, check our calendar regularly. The habit of taking immediate action can save us from rushing things and compromising the quality of our work. It helps us avoid unnecessary stress. Making that call or sending that email or text message to our client will free our mind from feeling guilty that we have not updated the client. Acting now will free our time down the road and give us a psychological boost. The feeling of accomplishing a task motivates us to take further proactive actions. In short, we should strive to be action oriented instead of becoming victims of procrastination