Business, corporate and commercial law involves business tort litigation, contractual disputes, employment litigation, partner and shareholder disputes, and asset litigation. Included in business and corporate law are the structuring of business entities – establishing corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and other business arrangements. In addition, corporate law focuses on advising clients on matters of corporate governance, including issuance of stock, and preparing shareholder and limited partnership agreements. There are many different ways to own a company, including:

The corporate structure chosen affects many aspects of the business, including taxation, liability, governance, management and control, transfer of ownership and more. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Demeksa Oli, LLC advise clients on their options and handle all aspects of business entity formation and structure, negotiation, litigation, and arbitration. Areas of representation depend on client needs but can be focused or comprehensive. Business law is sometimes complicated, but an attorney from the Law Offices of Demeksa Oli, LLC will do everything possible to help you protect your business interests in, MD. We provide case-by-case and ongoing counsel for business owners from every industry, and we’ll try our best to advise you. Whether you’re in the middle of a merger or you have a court case pending, your lawyer can guide you through the process.

Personal Representation

Each case is different, so we’ll take an individualized approach to your representation that’s tailored to your circumstances and goals. You lawyer will offer counsel to help you steer clear of liabilities and minimize your risks, and we’ll always try to answer your questions in a timely manner. We’re here to handle the legal details so that you can focus on taking care of business.

When you need a business law adviser in Maryland, the Law Offices of Demeksa Oli, LLC is at your service. Get in touch with us to talk about your legal needs today. We offer attentive service at affordable fees, and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Maryland Business Formation and Startup

Our law firm works closely with small and medium-sized business owners from the outset, beginning with the question of “What form should my business organization take?” In deciding what form of business to adopt, whether a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC), you should consult an experienced corporate attorney, since each form of business has separate advantages and disadvantages. The drafting and filing of Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization, along with the drafting of By-laws and a Shareholder Agreement, Operating Agreement or Partnership Agreement, is a pivotal step in the start-up process where an experienced business lawyer should be utilized. Other tasks that a business attorney may perform at the outset on behalf of business clients are the registration of trademarks and service marks, obtaining fictional (d/b/a) names, obtaining an EIN, reviewing lease agreements, and drafting employment agreements.

Maryland Contract Law

Our law firm drafts, reviews, analyzes, and negotiates on behalf of corporate and franchise clients various types of contracts, including: shareholder agreements; limited liability company operating agreements; partnership agreements; purchase and sale of business documents; buy/sell agreements; asset purchase agreements; non-disclosure, confidentiality and non-compete agreements; license agreements; stock purchase agreements; third party contracts; employment agreements; Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD), including franchise agreements and ancillary franchise documents required by state franchise law; distributorship agreements; reseller agreements; and subcontractor and independent contractor agreements. We draft contracts in clear and precise language to minimize disputes, and can identify loopholes or ambiguities in contracts presented to your company that could lead to potential conflicts.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Whether you are being sued, or need to sue someone else, our attorneys can help. We handle all types of breach of contract disputes, whether it with a customer, a vendor, a contractor, or another business. There are times when your business needs competent legal representation to defend a lawsuit. If you or your business is sued, you need to seek representation immediately. There are tight deadlines for responding. If you miss a deadline, you may end up with a default judgment. You also need to know your rights and your obligations, and have an understanding of what the likely outcome of the lawsuit is.

If you need to bring a lawsuit, there is usually a statute of limitations associated with the action. If you do not bring the suit quick enough, you may be barred from doing so. Our lawyers will evaluate your case and help you analyze the cost of litigation compared to the probable recovery. If it makes economic sense, we will prosecute the case for you.

Many contract disputes can be resolved short of litigation. Our attorneys have resolved many issues for clients through mediation or arbitration. Our firm Provides guidance and counsel to avoid and address business controversies that may lead to disputes either with family, other partners or others.

Next to your family, your business is the most important thing in the world to you. It is your livelihood, and you and your family depend on it. Every business, large or small, needs competent legal representation throughout its life. For any business, commercial or corporate legal matter in Maryland, call 443 -722-9853 or contact the firm online to discuss scheduling an appointment with our attorneys.